Searching for the Burmese's soul

I really wanted to visit Burma before it gets spoiled by the mass tourism that most of the south asian countries are already facing, and now that a real democracy is a step away, it is just about time to visit it. So Bare with me on a hectic roadtrip into a country where dirty streets are legion, waste are abandoned to their fate along the roads, dust a guest you have to get used to. Through that madness, you run across a country that has at some point undergo a “civilisurgery”, that did not went all through. Your wifi is just there to look pretty, your old refurbish japanese or chinese buses are punishing, your road still require a lot of hand made maintenance. But your people are just amazingly true, authentic, kind with no strings attached. Till tourism will invade your borders, soon broadly opened to the illness of business cancer.

Whether biking around the 4,000+ pagodas at sunrise or sunset in Bagan, boating through Inle Lake's floating fishing villages, or simply interacting with the locals, you quickly realize Myanmar is a true gem. It has got this authenticity and genuine kindness that we once had I guess. And you probably would not walk past all its inhabitants without leaving a bit of yourself and learning a lot from them.

So you will find couple of portraits of Burmese people I run into while wandering in Mayanmar. I always felt a bit uncomfortable to take portrait... But more than being uncomfortable I’m always interested in the strangers around me. Who were they? What lives did they lead? Were they happy? Sad? Were they loved or lost souls?